Friday, 30 March 2018

Veg For Breakfast

There was great excitement from the Blanik ladies this morning as they had raw vegetables added to their breakfast. It was a case of right time right place yesterday as Tesco were just marking up their out of date veg when we were by the counter. There's no healthier treat for them than raw veg is there. Of course the three boys declined, though Ross did eat one piece of cauliflower he left the carrots and broccoli. Loki and Nico both ate around theirs but there where plenty of volunteers to clear up! Little Kaiah eyes where on stalks, she loves food as much as Asha does but has a particular taste for raw veg. I never see the point in cooking veg for them, you loose so much of the nutritional value by cooking veg but of course I have no problem with them having our left over cooked veg, but even then Nico won't eat them. He's such a pig, a really greedy dog but he won't eat veg at all, not even chips!
There's no news yet regarding Ross' Xrays, but the boy is fine, full of fun and mischief as usual. Because I've told myself that I won't be able to use him at stud on Kaiah I've started looking around at suitable males.
Hell I've got a year to think about it but it's never too early to look is it? There's a very nice sable L/C in the kennel where Ross came from. One they have bought in but carrying their sable Idol in the breeding. I've never used a L/C .. but I've no problem with it and though I' prefer a S/C pup taking everything into account I would keep the pup that had the best prospects for me, regardless of coat! There are also some stunning standard coat black and tan young males about and with 12 months to think about it I've got time to see who's producing quality pups with good health test results.
Kaiah is looking super, yes she's light framed but there's so much to like about her. Maybe giving her this season and the next in the show ring before mating her is the best prospect, which would mean mating her at the end of 2019. I don't know .. we'll see.


carrie said...

At the suggestion of vet some time ago, I started adding thinly sliced carrot to all dogs breakfast.Still do and always all eaten. vet said good to bulk up food and keep weight down!! Sad day today one year ago I lost darling Ben. Trying to keep occupied, might even do some hoovering!!! Happy Easter everyone. x

Lin said...

have to agree about the veg Lexi screams for potato and carrots I have to shut myself in the kitchen as she tries to push me out of the way to get some, I always save her some can't have her sulking !!!!!