Saturday, 17 March 2018


 I said I'd need my layers back on today didn't I. Cold, blustery, sunny, light snow showers and lots of unfrozen ditches! What more could they want? To be honest we had a super time. I had thought initially of going to Llyn Cop but changed my mind as may need to go there tomorrow. We stayed on Moel Tryfan today as the Sunday walkers, shooters and bickers will no doubt be around tomorrow
I'm not great with the selfies, I find getting the angle to get me and them in the photos quite difficult. I also don't really like photos of myself .. but when half my face is covered I guess it's not too bad!

Selfie's With Sammi 
 Selfie time Sammi - look at the camera
 "Nope, it's windy in me ears and I won't look!"
Sammi - Look at the camera ..
 "Nope and you've got mud on your face Mrs S!"
So have you - Look at the camera!
Sammi says "NO!"

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Lin said...

Love the pics so funny and glad to see you now know how to do selfies !!!!!!!!