Sunday, 10 February 2019

It's Only A Two Seater

The new sofa, well it's a whole month old now, is only a 2 seater. I have to admit it's the most uncomfortable bloody thing ever! Another big mistake as far as I'm concerned but best I say nothing. The three seaters that where available in our price range where just too big to come in through the small narrow old fashioned cottage door. A foot stool does help when I get chance to use it, but Jamie is quite partial to it! 
Sadly now there is no room for me and 2 dogs on the sofa, or so I thought. It was always me and Sammi, and Ross once he'd stopped messing about.  Sammi and I are already there and now when my young man decides he's ready to settle there is no room. He rests his head on my lap and stares at me almost pleading for me to move or move Sammi, of course I won't. But my god he's funny and last night he pushed up .. God knows how he did it but with a push and a shove he managed to get just enough space for himself. I was sat right on the edge and poor Sammi eventually gave up and got off. He's just so determined and as I've said "No you can't" is not something he's willing to accept, but because he's so endearing, so cuddly and loving he just gets away with bloody murder! 
Actually I've never had such a bunch of cuddly bums. The boys are all almost as bad as each other with Nico and Ross probably more pushy to get attention than Loki, but he's not backwards in coming forwards either. Kaiah is quite pushy and cuddly, Sammi probably as cuddly but not as pushy. The sisters have always like cuddles but are not pushy, and even Asha these days will come over for a quick cuddle .. but as ever she'd sooner have a biscuit!   


Lin said...

Such a shame you're not pleased with your sofa , but love the pic of the 3 of you on it. Where there's a will there's a way isn't there Ross x

carrie said...

Have you thought about a day bed? You have seen mine, it looks just like a large sofa ,seats 3/4 [dogs that is] and has room for loads of cushions. Comes in pieces which v
easy to fit together, got through my narrow garden door , porch and cottage front door, and was cheap. Also can double as a bed if needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!