Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Kaiah, DM and Disasters!

This morning I just should have stayed in bed! The Kaiah alarm went off at 7.45am and we got up shortly after that. There was cat vomit on the floor in the dogs bedroom .. more vomit than I thought one cat was capable of producing. Thankfully it was on a vet bed so the carpet survives stainless for another day. Choo did not eat so I guess the vomit was his!
I opened the hall door to let Nico and Jezi in for breakfast and the hinge snapped so I was left with a swinging door. Well I guess it's been there 25 years at least  as I've lived here for 24! Sammi came in for her breakfast, which was in the crate ready for her and puked up a load of froth on her clean bedding .. as I tried to get her out to try and change it she continued to try and get to her breakfast. "Steve .. where are you?"
Choo then decided he would try a little food and went to eat Isla's breakfast, she was still waiting outside for her servant to carry her in, something I refuse to do. As I tried to pull Choo out of her breakfast he grabbed the full bowl with his front paws and it and it's contents landed on the floor, and on my feet in my slippers! Thankfully Madam's pot bowl was not broken .. unlike the boys who have metal bowls she has a posh bowl, though to be fair it was because she was afraid of metal bowl when we first got her! So that was my first 30 mins of the morning, another cup of tea and things can only get better, I hope!
Kaiah has been loosing her coat for a while, and I considered her to be about half way through her moult but last night I felt a softness to her coat, the softness that's there when the new coat is coming through. She usually looses her coat, gets most of it back and comes in season, the coat then continuing to grow whilst she's in season. But she's not due in season till March I thought .. I checked my calendar, no she is due mid February. Maybe she's not going to loose more coat then? Strange but I'm happy with that! Of course she may end up in season for Crufts .. but to be honest I'd prefer her to be back in full bloom for WPBW and WELKS in April.
Ross' father has just been tested for DM .. and he's clear. So hopefully Ross will be clear or at worse a carrier. I posted my tests off on Monday so it's now a waiting game. I also tested Kaiah for the L.C gene, that's really only for curiosity. If she does carry the gene it may influence my decision on using a long coat .. it mat not! If the litter was 50/50 L.C and S.C it would limit my choice if I wanted a S.C. I have always said that in future I would keep the most promising despite coat length, but I really am crap at grooming. I love the walking, showing, playing and cuddling but I'm no good with a brush, Steve has assured me that if we did end with a long coat that he would keep the coat in tip top condition for me. One thing I would not want is a knotty, scruffy show dog! I will be recording the results on here, and of course the DM test will automatically go on the KC site .. I may not bother with Facebook so watch this space!

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Lin said...

Hope the cats and you are now having a better day x