Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Sammi B

Yesterday as I walked I tried to look at Sammi with constructive eyes, I tried to see the constructional faults. So Ok, here we go, cards on the table as I see the faults. She is a little tall for a bitch, but still feminine without doubt. She has a slightly short steep croup and being critical her tail is a little long and sometimes she does exaggerate the curve. She has enough coat but a little more would finish the picture. So what would I change about her? .. Absolutely bloody nothing! She is what I want in character and the construction faults are minor. Rose tinted glasses on, always with Sammi, to me she is beyond beautiful! Kaiah her daughter is very similar looking, maybe slightly better constructed but she is lighter in frame than Sammi. Kaiah and Sammi are in my opinion the best Blanik bitches, constructionaly .. probably since Aria.

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Lin said...

Yes she's so beautiful and what faults !!!!!! :) xx