Saturday, 2 February 2019

The Sun Came Out

Jezi and Nico
I posted this on Facebook, but no one got it. " Someone once told me that a paler faced GSD with it's mouth closed looks softer .. less aggressive than a dark faced dog with it's mouth open. Do you agree? At the time I was told M J Sibley had to re do his GSD portrait as it was felt the first, and my favourite, did not appeal to the general public..." Oh hell, I didn't mean that a darker faced dog is more aggressive, God knows if we judged them on that we'd be in the shit with these two!  What I mean is does a paler face gives the impression of softness? 
My lovely ladies 
The snow is melting quickly in the afternoon sun .. damn it!
We couldn't walk far today as we had to get into town for a few basic essentials. I hope the walk was enough for Ross, if not I guess I'll be playing with toys instead of watching The Voice again this evening. 
 This afternoon lovely Kasey, Nico and Kira's daughter came up for a game with Ross and a 6 months measure. Kasey was about 57.5cm so on a par with Kaiah at the same age .. and I think Ian said she weighs 23.5kg, again really close to Kaiah's weight at the same age. 

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Lin said...

Lovely pics and looks like Kasey and Ross had a good time. As for the shades of faces I really don't know though in the pic Jezi looks sweet and soft !!!!!! but looks can be deceiving !!!!!! xx