Friday, 8 February 2019

Dog Club Comment

I can't imagine many have had worse moments than I have with puppies over the years. Seffe, Krizzie, Tali, Jezi, Sammi and Ross have all had naughty puppy syndrome in one way or another.  (yes I made the name up) I only felt close to giving up once and that was with Jezi. At the time it was a combination of my undiagnosed  health problems  (I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism later) and the difficulties of three sisters in the same house. Ashamed as I am now I do remember saying "I don't like this dog!" But she was a victim of our circumstance and as I've said before things changed dramatically after dear Danni left. Ross has been an absolute handful, and as we know still can be. Sammi as a pup was a headstrong horror but both are absolutely adorable and have special places in my heart, as I said before the greater the challenge the more rewarding the outcome.
Last night I was taking a class at Dog Club, I don't do it often these days but I was shocked to be told by someone that she didn't like the bloody dog anyway. The dog is not difficult, it's her attitude that really needs to improve. If we can make up naughty puppy syndrome then we can make up a moody teenager syndrome? I don't know what people expect when they buy a puppy? Do the expect a perfect dog?  There is work involved to get them mentally and physically into shape. They are babies, an open book for us to help mold and shape them into respectable adults and I love almost every minute of it, actually it's not work, for me it's a pleasure and a privileged!
There was then an incident where a small breed adult bit a larger breed puppy in the face. So who was to blame? You know I've no idea. The smaller dog does not like other dogs in his face .. as is his right .. was the puppy allowed to bounce over to him and intimidate him or did he over step the mark? I feel a lecture coming on at club,  I know I keep saying it but owners must be more aware of their dogs, large and small, young and old. Not every dog likes the attention of other dogs and it's their right to be left alone. Anyway forget blame, we now have a very upset puppy of a sensitive breed and two very upset owners.
The other thing I'd like to mention is, it may be lovely that puppies are bonding and getting on well at club. But I hope the owners realise that when these puppies stand next to each other in the same class at their first few shows they will not understand why they can't wrestle and play .. don't get stroppy with them there, it's your own doing!

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Lin said...

Well said Rhian and totally agree with all you've written x