Saturday, 9 February 2019

Storm? What Storm?

9.15 am
A friend who lives a mile or so down the road from us had been unable to sleep last night due to the howling wind and gales. With gusts of 70 - 90 miles an hour forecast she said her roof was ratting and with the animals so scared she stayed up all night. What I find so strange is we are higher up and about a mile away and we were bracing ourselves for it, but it never came, or if it did we didn't hear it. Steve sleeps less well than I do and heard nothing other than the normal "Fron" wind! This morning it's windy, yes but really not as bad as yesterday and no way near the strength of wind that scare me on this mountain.
I've decided on alternate walking routine this morning .. back later.
Well I'm back but as ever it didn't go to plan. The river had burst it's banks and completely flooded the path on my desired route, so we had to find alternatives. Not too difficult in rural Snowdonia! I was starting to walk at 9.45am  and got home at 1.15pm ... Yes I'm knackered!
Ziva and Sammi 
"LOOK .. Look what we did find .. can we have them?" Poor ducks had found themselves stuck on the river bank .. The had numbers on their underneaths so I presume they where racing down river, sounds crazy but what else can you think of? Anyway I threw them back into the river off the bridge. Unfortunately I fear they didn't get far!..
Nico and Jezi
Lots of water, lots of fun. 
Asha chuffed to be out with her precious Loki. 
But where are we now? 
Kaiah and Ross
Further along on the same walk with trouble and strife. 
That's Mynydd Cilgwn behind them so we are on the opposite site of the valley. 
and when you zoom in beyond it you can see home. 

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Lin said...

Just love the pics and guess they had a great time in all the water x