Thursday, 7 February 2019

No Camera

I made a point today of not taking the camera on the walks. I think some of my Facebook followers must be bored brainless by my continued photos, I take anything up to 25 most days and add them to the album on Facebook. Saying that they don't have to look do they! Anyway it never goes to plan and when Ross followed Kaiah into the derelict outbuilding that we refer to as the "shop" today I just had to get my phone out! Kaiah was in the through the window and out over the wall in seconds. Poor Ross came to a standstill, even dropping his kong with the greatest of concern. How was he going to get out? He did manage to, with great care I have to admit.
So here we are, before the afternoon sunshine, but all glad we go out as it may well be the wrong weather tomorrow! Loki was still a little lame today, worse than yesterday but better than Tuesday. Because of Alfi, Tali's brother, worse case scenario always haunts me, but common sense does prevail. As I've said before a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I suppose it's just that small lump on his joint comes back to mind. He's had it months and until now, though I'm aware of it, it's never really been an issue! Anyway I'll give him 5 days of metacam and then see how he is.
Loki continues to chomp through his toy on walks. Honest there's bits of orange where ever we walk! Hearing him coming behind me chewing makes me think of Alex Ferguson continually chewing in gum. I've tried other toys for him, but as far as Loki is concerned they just don't cut it!
He's only had it a couple of month. His mother Tasha, has had hers since the Summer and it's still in one piece! 
It was this long when it was new! 

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Lin said...

Lovely pics and glad Loki is not as lame, gather Ross doesn't like the shop now :)