Sunday, 3 February 2019

Icy Llyn Cop

Walking on any Sunday in Fron is a nightmare. I envisaged that walking in Fron on a Sunday with snow still lying on the ground would be hell ... so I decided to go elsewhere. I had just loaded the van with the hope of going to Cwm Dulyn when my head started to play up. I knew it would therefore be unwise to drive so opted for Llyn Cop instead. The Cilgwn side of the village is always quieter than the Moel Tryfan side and to be honest we had nice walks. One almost disaster was when I dropped the camera, but thankfully the snow gave it a soft landing. The only pain after that was that the snow had got onto the lens, it took an age to dry and I had some disappointing photos on the last walk. The lesser of two evils as far as the camera is concerned though I guess. 
 Over the last 12 months we've seen this lake overflowing, we've seen it so low you could walk all the way round it .. and now here it is - frozen!
 Love this of the girls
The last photo of these three and the clearest - gutted some of the others are so poor 
ah well, another day another photo!

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Lin said...

Love all the pics and the lake looks amazing