Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The Empty Lake

I've talked about this place before. It must be over a decade since this was a lake .. the old waterworks on the mountain. It was a lovely spot, still is, just different now. These dogs will not have know this to be a lake, but earlier generations swam in it. You may recall I'm fascinated that these dogs run ahead to it when there really is little for them to see.
 Nature has taken it back these days, I'm sure Blade and Nikki would be gutted!
I didn't realise when I took this photo that all three dogs where in it! 
We are down in it now, by the first tree on the left in the first photo
A pile of rocks obviously place to cover something. 
You can see them too in the first photo.
The grid that used to cover the hole, I guess this is what was opened to empty the lake. I remember a rusty old wheel on the top at the far side, it is no longer there. Why could it not have been left alone as it was? Health and safety I suppose!!!

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Lin said...

I remember going with you when it was a lake and yes many moons ago, such a shame x