Tuesday, 9 October 2018

It Was The Strangest Of Walks

No photos from my walks today but there are things to say ... Loaded with 5 for walk one and two I parked in one of my regular spots. There was a white van already there and initially I thought little of it. I let Jezi and Nico out and I heard a lot of yapping, calling them away from the van I set off for my walk. I glanced over to the van, as you do, and saw not just a dog but without doubt there was someone in the back of the van. I was unsure what to do but continued a short while. I then started to feel uncomfortable, the girls where in the van with a side door open for fresh air and my brain went into overdrive. I was sure this was the van we had been seeing around for months, Ian and I had discussed that we thought someone was living/sleeping in it. But still I was concerned for my girls and decided to return. As I got closer to the van I put Jezi and Nico on the lead only for him to drive away. I felt sadness for what I imagine is going on in this persons life .. but relief that he had gone.
Just as I was considering leaving again the red car of the "Bull Terrier Woman" came down the hill. Stupidly I thought she would see I was there, turn round and go elsewhere .. Wrong! She got the dog out of the car muttered something about it being only 5 months old and started to walk off. I'm not confrontational but I was pissed off and couldn't help but call out "I'll go somewhere else then!"  That is what I did, I thought to myself, feck there's miles and miles of common land here to walk, why? Just Why? I've never taken to her .. I really haven't and I think her arrogance shined through again!
Anyway, the dogs are back in the trailer and that on top of everything upset me. What do I do? They are not always there, but it's simply unacceptable.
Walk three was fun, the youngsters entertained me, but I still can't get the images of sadness and cruelty out of mind.
Perry continues to improve with the dogs but I guess it will take a good while before he and I will be confident with the situation. Nico and Jezi are being really great but their curiosity gets the better of them at times. Perry is now closer to Jamie than any of the other cats, though he's still very friendly with Choo. Isla is a typical girl and wants nothing to do with him and Junior is quite the grump. To be honest I'm not sure Junior is a 100% today, I'll have to see how he is in the morning.
A photo I took this morning in the utility room ... at the risk of being boring
... Look at the stripes!!!!


Lin said...

Must have been uncomfortable for you and spoilt your walk. Jamie is looking super and his coat is wonderful , looking forward to seeing him x

Tali said...

Jamie says Thank you! haha

Lin said...

Ha ha ha well he does I'm sober honest