Monday, 29 October 2018

All Boys

Dexi and Blade -Respect! 
Last night we had tension and change within the house hold. Loki and Ross have been getting on well for months now but the last few days Loki has been extremely moody. At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt thinking that he was feeling off colour, but last night he bit Ross and that is not something I'm willing to accept. At times Loki is such a moody unpredictable character and I just can't make him out. I'd sooner know what I've got than be guessing who he is today. Ross is quite an idiot, but he's always the same, Kaiah is a handful, Ziva is spiteful but that's who they are; you never know which version you're going to get of Loki, he's quite a complex character. I still think it's to do with his position in the pack, I still think he's promoted beyond his abilities and when Ross is in one Loki doesn't know how to deal with it so he bites him. It must be so confusing for Ross, if we are unsure which Loki we have today then how the hell is he going to figure it out? Loki will run and play with him one day and then the next he's moody and aggressive towards him, but I hasten to add only towards Ross.
Loki and Ross 
To stick up for Loki, if Ross left him alone there would be no issues, but Ross insists on going over to him and doing the submissive spinning in front of him and licking at his face, and this really annoys Loki. It is normal submissive behaviour, Dexi did it to Blade as a youngster. Though Dexi was always submissive to Blade,  I'm sure he did grow out of this behaviour as a young adult so I can only hope Ross does too. It's easy to call Ross away when you are out with them then it doesn't escalate, but lets face it we are not always standing outside with the dogs are we? My only concern for the future really is that as Ross continues to mature he will be less accepting of Loki's unpredictable nature. In my opinion Ross has the stronger character and one day he may think I'm not taking this crap from him and then we may get a full blown fight on our hands. That's really the last thing I need. I've kept several males living together over the years and I can't ever remember being in this position before, I just wish I knew the right way to manage it and I wish I knew why it's escalating again.
Perry Loves Jamie 
Last night I bit the bullet and evicted Perry out of the kitchen. I moved his litter tray and bed to the doggy kitchen, that gave him access to 2 rooms over night as well as the company of the other cats. I know the other cats are in and out at night, but hopefully he'll eventually get the hang of the cat flap and come and go as he pleases too. He's a little young yet so I won't be showing him or encouraging him to use it though. Last night I forgot to close the doggy kitchen window at dinner time and Perry had gone out after dark .. he didn't come when I called him and I must have been looking for him for .. all of 10 mins before he turned up! I know, that's nothing but I do worry. With the evenings drawing in I must remember to close the window earlier now!
Talking of missing, Jamie also pulled a fast one on us last night. He wasn't in the living room all evening, unusual but not unheard of, but when he didn't turn up for supper I did start to wonder.
A Lovely Friendship - Nico and Louis 
Tongue in cheek Steve suggested I ring Sharon incase he'd got in their van and ended up in Golan! As we where getting ready for bed I put Nico in the bedroom and went to give everyone their biscuits .. the next thing Nico came out of the bedroom, but how? Why? He never does ... and there was Mr Jamie. Somehow Mr Naughty had managed to get in the bedroom early evening and had even stayed hidden as I took Nico in, but I guess the thought of missing on bed time biscuits had got him bursting out of the bedroom, and bring Nico with him. Nico is the only dog here who can't open a door unless it's by brute force. Usually Jezi opens the handle and Nico rams through first .. same principal with Jamie I guess!

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Lin said...

Interesting read hope things calm down with Loki and Ross and nothing escalates . Guess Perry has settled to being evicted now xx