Monday, 8 October 2018

Young Guns Exploring

I decided to revisit a walk Linda and I had done on one of those hot Summer evening, but as I got to the rickety bridge I saw a different path and of course I had to follow it. In it's Autumnal colours it was wonderful and I will no doubt be going back with someone else very soon. (Dogs I mean!) I walked from Talysarn cross country to Tanyrallt and back again. Why did we not see this path the last time we where there? Why did I not see it when I was there years ago with Blade and Nikki? Mind you my memory of it then was that it was very very overgrown. So beautiful, so lovely .. we are so lucky! 
 Over the bridge - we've been here before
 Love this 
 Pretty canopy of trees 
Almost in Tanyrallt 


Lin said...

Stunning pics and a lovely walk x

ian turner said...

looks a fantastic walk brilliant pictures and beautiful colours