Thursday, 11 October 2018

Poor Junior

I'm just back from the vets with R Junior. He really was a poorly boy yesterday and though he was better this morning the symptoms made me suspicious that he may have calicivirus. A condition I saw numerous times in varying degrees at Freshfields, but a condition that worries me. Junior has a sore on his face and an ulcer on his tongue. He was drooling and smelly but thankfully his eyes are not sore and he's not sneezing.
The vet took his temperature and that was normal but from my description came to the conclusion that he may well have had a high temperature yesterday. She agreed that it was more than likely to be calicivirus and said it was too late to do anything about the other cats as it's infections before the symptoms are presented, some will get it some won't. Junior has had metacam and antibiotics but as he is a strong health cat his recover prospects are good .. I guess It's Oliver that will be a worry.
I have to say Junior's behaviour at the vets was faultless, the vet was shocked at how lovely he was. She said many a cat has to be sedated for these examinations .. Junior was affectionate and took it all in his stride. Proud of the boy.
On returning home I noticed that Jamie was drooling .. yes he too has an ulcer on his tongue. I hope the vets will give me more antibiotics for the others without seeing them .. should I need them!

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Lin said...

Oh no he looks so poorly in the pic and hope him and the others will soon be ok. It sounds awful xx