Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Oh Nico!

The perfect dog has not yet been born. None of these are perfect, they are just perfect for me .. well most of them. If I was asked which I thought was the closest to perfect to live with I would probably say Nico, though obviously Louis was too.
Nico is friendly, affectionate and kind. He's obedient and he's trustworthy around people, other dogs and cats, he's safe off the lead walking in sheep country. He's territorial which I need him to be, he's the first to sound the alarm, but he's a gentleman with visitors who we have invited in.
But BUT ... why does the bastard continue to shred the bedding? Give him an old scruffy vet bed and he'll leave it alone, give him something nice he shreds it. Well it's easily sorted he gets old bedding. But yesterday he broke into Asha bed and started to shred her thick cushion? Why? And it's not the first time, he did the same with Loki's Summer bedding.(Cotton not vet bed) He'd had a great walk yesterday so he was tired .. he'd has his meals on time he should have been content and relaxed. Why does he find it so amusing to shred bedding? It's like he can't help himself, he knows I won't be amused but still he does it!
I can understand when he's eaten his way through a jacket to get to a treat in the pocket, Dexi did it too. It's my own fault for leaving stuff about, but the bed shredding is something I'll never understand. Still If that is all I have to moan about then it's not worth the effort is it of writing about it ....I've typed it now so it can stay!

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Lin said...

Great read about Nico and he really is well behaved, apart from the bedding something you'll never know why !!!!!!