Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Wondering In Gyrn Goch

This morning I''d set my heart of getting everyone to Gyrn Goch for walks. I'd wanted to go a couple of weeks ago but Mr S put his foot down with a firm hand and I gave in. Only because it was so windy and he was concerned. Having to stop and unload close to the road is always a concern so I decided to do them all two by two, so four walks but two drives. I swear the 20 minute drive down took me through 3 separate weather conditions. Setting off in gentle wind and thick mist as I got to the top of Carmel the mist lifted and I was faced with a dull almost dismal looking day. I continued down and the nearer the coast I got the brighter and warmer it became. With the first walks done I returned home to get the second lot of 4 and was again surprised with the changing weather. I fully expected to come out of the mist into the dull and on into the sunshine .. but the sunshine had gone and now it was wall to wall dull!!! Anyway it was still great to walk and Sammi, Loki and I went exploring. I would have loved to go further but I knew Kaiah and Ross where waiting not so patiently in the van for their turn .. Great walks all round .. but I actually saw someone there ... first time since .. OMG about 2014 maybe? Well I know I was there with Finlay, Nico and Jezi and Linda was with me, so 2014 or maybe 2015.  
 Mother and daughter - Asha and Ziva
Ziva seemed so happy to be back there for the first time in a couple of months 
The Love Birds - Jezi and Nico
 Nico and I had a giggle watching Jezi try and fail to get over the wall
I think I'll do another post
 Sammi and Loki 
Exploring - but my it was steep! 
Young Guns - Kaiah and Ross

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Lin said...

These pics are stunning , can't remember how long ago we saw that man a few years though , and we're still not too sure where he went !!!!