Friday, 5 October 2018

My Kitten Is Changing Colour

Perry back In The Radiator
Perry's changing colour is causing a lot of online controversy, well maybe a lot of interested chat is more accurate. No one seems to have seen a kitten of his type change colour like this.  Of course I know some breeds like Siamese are born white and smokes like Isla often look black as kittens ... but this for me is really unusual and very eye catching. My ex boss at the rescue centre doubted he was the same kitten and said it was very odd indeed. This is all I've found online though it does mention blue and tabby stripes I really don't think it applies, and he is a short haired moggy. "...Persians come in a variety of colors, some of which -- such as the shaded blue-cream coat -- can change as the cat grows up. They normally stick with the same color scheme, but the hair might appear to be two-toned, with blue on the tip and cream closer to the body, as the blue and cream areas switch. Some kittens, especially those that are a red or a smoky color, can be born with faint stripes similar to tabby markings. These are called ghost markings, and they usually fade by the time your kitten gets to be about a year old. They typically mean your cat has a bit of tabby in her, although the gene isn't dominant."
 30th of August with only tabby markings on his legs and tail 
13th of September some silver starting to come through the blue back 
Yesterday - The flash really showing off the changing colour
Fascinating isn't it

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Lin said...

So lovely to see the changes in him , he's one handsome little man x