Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

I've kept from talking about this, it would be all too easy to say well I'm Welsh this is an English law this does not apply to me. In Wales will be governed by The Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs) (Wales) Regulations 2014, which amended breeding regulations in Wales 4 years ago. But of course this badly planned out regulation will not only cripple my hobby breeding friends but it will also open the door to a lot more abuse and cruelty. Why can't they see that?
So let me see if I can get this right .. If you breed more than three litters a year you need a licence, fair enough. But if you breed one litter and sell the puppies you also need a licence .. but if you breed three litters and keep them all, become a hoarder .. well that's ok! You are already confused right? Therefore a lot of my friends  need a license even for one litter a year. Some of them, like me have a litter and put all the money straight back into the dog. The licence and vet check will cost a few hundred .. Ok that is doable until you are then told that you have to change the use of your home to a business property .. for one litter a year!
They have also decided in their wisdom that all puppies must have a Lepto Vacs before leaving the breeder ... another huge can of worms as the vaccine has killed more dogs than the condition in the UK in recent years. Most of us will not use Lepto 4 and Kaiah and siblings have gone without either of the lepto vaccines, though Ross has had lepto2.
If you look at the big picture here, this law will put an end to hobby breeders who do everything right and have a litter or two to continue their line. It will not affect big breeders with rows of bitches and puppies as they already have the business premises and the licence. Do you want your puppy brought up in a home or in a kennel? It will not affect the designer crossbreed breeders as they intend to Police it through K.C registrations of pedigree dogs. It will not affect the puppy farmers as they never get caught out anyway! English breeders will not be allowed to advertise their pedigree dogs online without a licence number? This will kill the hobby breeder like myself in England, it will put an end to people breeding puppies for love of their chosen breed in their home.
Well it doesn't affect us say the Welsh and the Scottish, lets not be complacent guys, lets show all our support for our English friends ... it could soon be us too!!!

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Lin said...

It's so confusing apart from being totally stupid this really hasn't been thought through at all x