Friday, 5 October 2018

More On Coughing

The coughing is passing here with very little adverse affect on the dogs. I've been reading that it's rife all over the country. Ross of course was the first to cough and he's OK now, Kaiah isn't quite clear of it yet and Loki gives the odd snuffle and snort, but he's not coughed at all. Hopefully the others who have been exposed to it dozens of times will not develop it. I was sad to hear that little Kasey started coughing yesterday too, but Ian is keeping a close eye on her and at the moment she's still full of beans. I can only think now that Ross and Kasey picked up the bacteria at the Pentrefelin ring craft last week. No one is to blame as of course they can have kennel cough and are contagious for days before they show the symptoms, that is how it spreads so rapidly.
There's been a lot on Facebook about people using different remedies to treat and try and prevent Kennel cough within their animals .. Homeopathic vets suggest the use of kennel cough nosodes. Daytime coughing....spongia nosodes. Nightime coughing ...drosera nosodes. The spongia /drosera is when the coughing is the worse. All are 30c potency. But if like me you are pretty much on the fence where homeopathic medicine is concerned then maybe consider Dorwest Garlic and Fenugreek tablets which are said to be very good for getting rid of KC and also protecting your dogs. I have some of these in so decided to give them to these starting last night. Bit late, but can't harm can it? Other suggestions are 1/ Olive leaf extract which clears it in a couple of days apparently as it’s a strong anti viral, and 2/ few drops Hydrogen Peroxide 3% diluted in water and syringed into mouth kills the bacteria in the throat which causes the cough, it's said to works in 36 hours. Of course when the coughing is bad most of us just use Benylin .. but this time I've not even found cause to use that! Like I said unless you have young and old Kennel cough is only a nuisance and they best cause of action is to stay away from training classes and wait for it to clear.
Loki -Nov 2014 
My curiosity got the better of me and I've just looked back through my blog .. I knew Loki was young too when he got K.C... It was November 2014 when he was just 11 weeks old. I write then .."Sammi symptoms are very something and nothing, though poor Loki is coughing quite badly. Poor Jezi is also suffering a little with the cough and Ziva is gagging up flem. None of the dogs seem bothered by their symptoms and life carries on as normal with just coughs and splutters in between the games. I have to say I feel so sorry for Loki who's coughing like a little horse, but the most revolting part for me has been the candles of snot flying out of Sammi's nose."
Oh God I'd forgotten about that! Yeuk, I didn't need the reminder. Sounds like it was a much harsher dose then doesn't it!

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Lin said...

Doesn't sound like it's been too bad for them , hope little Kasey will be ok and that yours will get rid of it soon x