Monday, 8 October 2018


Loki and Ross loving life
 Over the last few years I found it hard to sleep at night like I use to be able to before "it" happened. Last night was just awful, I was haunted by the photos of those poor dogs left in misery by someone who use to mix in the same circles as I did. Thank god I don't remember her. 14 weeks is nowhere near enough for the lives she has stolen and the misery she's caused. I won't share the photos as I don't want anyone else haunted with these photos in their minds, but I will share a link so you can choose for yourself whether to look or not. Be aware this makes for very very unpleasant viewing, do not open it unless you are prepared for the outcome ...

Crunchie - A bright future ahead 
I remember Lesley saying to me years ago, don't feel sorry for the animals in rescue, feel sorry for the ones who don't make it there, and yes of course she's right. But Gail's post on my Facebook page yesterday had me in tears, the kitten in the photo is Perry's brother and the message was simply heartbreaking. "Hi Perry hear your doing well. I’m still here at the rescue centre." Honestly I cried, but what could I do? I begged for shares and before the end of the evening it seems the post itself had touched many hearts and two homes came forward for "Crunchie." So pending a successful home check he'll be going to Cheshire to live with my friend Karen and her family. Karen owned Tali father Arko, and later Jezi and Ziva's father Robbie. But of course this is not even the tip of the iceberg and so many cats and kittens still wait allover North Wales for someone who can give them a forever home.
Little Choo - no one wanted him either 
So last night my brain moved onto the "Animal lover" who was so enraged by 2 neighborhood cats who dared to sit on her roof, she admitted she "Hates cats." What harm where they doing? Well apparently taunting her dog and watching the birds she feeds. No cat owner likes to see them "Murdering" but it's nature it's life and we cope. Only on Friday night did we watch QI where they said that generally cats have very little affect on the bird population in the UK, they tend to only catch the weak and the frail. I still don't like it but I love my cats, so I've said my piece and decided I have no place for such people in my life .. unfriended and left the building
I think I'll post pictures of my happy dogs and cats ......


Lin said...

Well said about the cat hater must admit it surprised me. Not looked at the pics as it would upset me it seems terrible. So glad Perry's brother has a home it did tug at the heart strings x

ian turner said...

OMFG you now me rhian i just have to have a nose how the fu.k can someone treat animals like that sik sik people around