Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Fit For Function?

Ross checking that the Kong does float, Yes I think it passed it's test.
 My Boys and their orange toys. Regarding the confusion over the Kong, I messaged the e.bay seller and yes the kong was from him via his "Stock at amazon." New one for me, no wonder I was confused but problem solved! Poor Ross has been in tears that no one loved him enough to send him a kong, but I've told him he doesn't need anyone else to love him as he has me and no one else could love him this much!  
Poor Loki had an accident on Monday, I've no idea how or why but instead of jumping out of the van he literally fell out, and onto his face. He was first out of the van so I was able to give him some TLC and check him over before the others came out. I have to admit he was really shocked and quite upset, as you would be landing on your face in the road. At the time his mouth was bleeding and I could see he'd scraped his chin. He has 3 small holes in his bottom lip, I can only think from his top teeth and yes a scraped chin, but to be honest I imagined a lot worse .. he's been lucky! 
Fit For Function is a line currently regularly used with GSD's. Because of their apparent weak backs and cow hocks a lot of people suggest they are no longer fit for the functions they were bred for. No weak backs and cow hocks here eh! 
Of course little miss attitude was out with them! 

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ian turner said...

im glad poor loki is ok strange though how he managed to fall flat on his face