Saturday, 27 October 2018

Poor Loki

For the third time in a week Loki has had diarrhea, well excuse the description, but it's been more cow patty than diarrhea till this morning. My first plan of action was to worm them all, but that obvious hasn't worked so now it's plan b. Today I'll starve him and gradually over the next few days after pasta and fish I'll introduce him to Asha'a fish diet. Maybe I'm over reacting? Maybe he just needs antibiotics to help him clear a little bug,? Having lived through issues like this with Louis it puts the fear of god in me. Ok, Louis' issues all started from campylobacter but I can't help but worry. As far as I know there are no digestive issues on Nico's side of the line, well certainly Nico never has problems but of course without knowing the history of all his siblings and his parents sibling we never really know.
I think it may have all started a couple of weeks ago as I observed and mentioned to Steve that Loki had lost weight. I then introduced a small supper and with the first bout of sloppy poo I wondered if I had over done it with food and decided to cut it back again. But now I also think maybe I was wrong! 
Kaiah and Loki yesterday 
I have been a little disappointed with Loki, on the first night Ross sounded the alarm and I got up thinking he needed to go out. But when Ross bounced around singing "Show" I knew the issue was not with him ... and when I came back in Loki shot out past me. On the last 2 occasions Ross has not said a word and Loki has pooed on the floor in the room. A little unexpected for him really, maybe for the next few night I'll crate him, then hopefully he will let me know that he needs to go out!
If plan b doesn't work then I'll have to take him to the vets ....

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Lin said...

Awwww hope Loki is on the mend It's a worry when they're out of sorts x