Saturday, 1 August 2020

Coat And Colour

So, (as ever I hear Mr S' dulcet tone in my head ... "don't start a sentence with So!") So, 😁last week I was talking to someone about Orin's coat, I remember saying I had no memory of having a pup of this age with such a profuse coat before. Honestly I've no memory of who I was talking to, could it have been you?
Kaiah's coat really came into it's own at about 6 months, Sammi was slower and really has only had a good coat as an adult. Loki has enough and poor Ross as ever is lacking the glamour of a huge coat. Well I was convinced that I was right, but the memory as ever plays tricks on us .... this is Ziva a week or so before she was 5 months .. WOW what a coat! She still has a huge coat and has always had a black saddle.

Like her mother Sammi too has always had a black saddle with none of the fading that is common in bitches. Well until now that is, I can't believe that at 6.5 years old there is fading down her spine in her new coat. Absolutely not a fault but so unexpected at her age. It will be interesting to see as the coat continues to thicken if the black dominates again. I kind of hope it does, but if she turned pink Sammi would always be perfect to me!
Orin is a fantastic colour and with his huge coat I'm sure he will be a very glamorous chap. He really is starting to look very "Blanik" typical now really. Though the negative bits are very disappointing from a show exhibitors point of view there really isn't much else I'd change about him. He's generally a very happy pup, a pleasure to have around ... and he's very cuddly, and there's nothing like a cuddly puppy is there!  

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Lin said...

Love his colour and he's got one hell of a coat x