Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Not A Diagnosis

After testing Asha's urine the vet suspects she may be diabetic but no diagnosis can be made without a blood test. (Tomorrow - 11.20am) Strangely because of the thirst and increased urination it had crossed my mind. From google ...
Symptoms Of Diabetes in Dogs 
Excessive thirst.  (Yes)
Increase in urination.   (Yes)
Unexplained weight loss. (Yes)
Appetite changes.  (Yes - she had considered not eating 3 breakfasts- that's enough for a greedy dog like Asha)
'Sweet-smelling' breath. (Not Noticed)
Tiredness or lack of energy.  (Yes)
Urinary tract infection. (Possibly)
Loss of eyesight. (Doubt it)

Reading this it seem highly likely doesn't it!

"Your veterinarian will first test your dog for the presence of glucose and ketones in the urine. If indicated, the next step is to measure your dog's blood glucose concentration. The diagnosis only becomes definite when glucose is found both in the urine and at a high level in the blood."

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Lin said...

It does sound like it could be but bet you can't wait for blood tests now and let's hope this is a solution for precious Asha x