Thursday, 30 July 2020

Today's Results

Finally after waiting all afternoon we've got the results of the blood test. Asha's not diabetic, but her white blood cells are up so she is fighting an infection. Her kidney function is Ok, her liver enzymes are a shade high but acceptable. The vet I saw today said she had a heart murmer, he said it was nothing to worry about at her age .. how odd that the vet on Monday said her heart was perfect. Someone is wrong! Anyway she's been prescribed with more antibiotics and they want another urine sample in a week. I guess they are going back to the theory of a UTI then! 


carrie said...

Good news then, a heart murmer ~ mayb just cos it was a hot day, it was different.Anyway, sending everyone love, keep cool today, it is a sccorcher. X

Lin said...

Looks like you'll finally get an answer about Asha and sounds like it's nothing serious and meds will help her x