Monday, 12 September 2016

Today's Thoughts

Waking up with Nico head in my hand is such a warming experience. He's made it to 8am today without really hassling me, but then I've had a better nights sleep so maybe I was less fidgety. The dog sold to live his life in a kennel in Belgium, ends up in a bedroom in North Wales .. I'm sure that given the choice this would be his preferred life!
It was also a pleasant surprise to walk in on Loki asleep in the big crate this morning. Somehow over night the door to the smaller one had been pushed closed, cats maybe? Whatever at least he was using it, and from choice.
We'd been waiting a couple of months for someone to come and cut the field. They had had problems with their equipment but finally over the week end they got here. The lad was the son of a school friend and she decided to come with him to say "Hi, " I'm not sure I've seen her in 30 years and it was great to catch up. Because their tractor was poorly they had asked a friend of theirs if he could cut the grass using their machine but his new tractor.
Well small world, that friend was one of our neighbours, the one who gave us the old picture of
the house. Whilst talking he told us about the layout of our cottage as he remembered it. There were bedrooms (plural) both sides of the cottage (now living room and kitchen), the living room was the middle room and the kitchen I guess was the utility room. (As it was when I first moved in) I should have asked where the bathroom was, but didn't and I'm now intrigued - there must have been a bathroom at that time? Our bathroom and bedroom is in the extension which was built later. I questioned the 3 chimneys in the
photo, and he remembers there was a fire place in both sides of the cottage for the bedrooms as well as in the  living room. (middle room) So yeah three chimneys and don't forget the barn which was also attached to the main cottage! I would love to see photos, someone somewhere must have some?
Whilst here Dafydd our neighbour asked about my health. I told him I was doing well but for the fatigue. I told him I walked in the mornings and slept in the afternoons. He told me I shouldn't complain as I was still here to be able to walk in the mornings, point made! Sometimes I do think some people don't get it, I'm not lazy honestly, it comes like a wave over me and all I can do it stop and sleep. For some SAH survivors this reduces with time, for others it stays with them forever. I'm considered to still be very early on in recovery after a SAH so for now I have to go with the flow.
Beautiful Krizzie
Mostly I feel absolutely blessed to still be here, just sometimes I get frustrated with the new restrictions on my life. Ah well as I say if all I'm left with is fatigue, the odd sleepless night and some "finding the right word" problems then so be it ...
Sammi hasn't eaten again this morning, but is still fine in herself. I find she prefers to eat later in the day. I've come to the conclusion that if she's not pregnant then she is going in for a full blown phantom.  We had this experience with Krizzie, she was mated and missed, but she was so convinced she was pregnant she even had me doubting myself. She even started nesting and on the due date was that convincing I ended up staying up all night with her ... the next day there where no puppies and it was all over and done with. Anyway not long to wait and prepare for the future, or cope with the disappointment.


carrie said...

Reading your blog, I agree, mostly people u discuss health with, just do not GET IT. Nothing malicious, they simply cannot put themselves in your shoes, walking or sleeping:~} After repeatedly discussing my issues with MANY people, have resolved never again to try an explain the situation.When asked, I now reply, I'm fine thanks!!! But, with u, it really is early days, an your docs are on it an help u with what to expect. Having known u for such a long time too, I genuinely expect u will eventually get back to more or less u were.Not putting this v well, just wanted to say really, some of us do understand!!
On a lighter note, Carla our KCS went through the whole phantom bit, an even carried a
small rubber toy duck round for weeks after the :Birth; which she then ditched an never looked at again~ dogs eh? Tipzee dug nesting holes in several spots, several times an like u I started to wonder if Ben had managed it after all:~} Fingers crossed for Sammi Cxxx

Lin said...

You're doing so well so doing what you can manage is the way to go it's going to take time. So pleased Loki has gone in the larger crate and seems to be settled in it, Everything's crossed for Sammi not long to wait now till you find out x

Ian Turner said...

I think loki was a good boy not going to mikeys crate for a while he was showing some respect for mikey bless him