Friday, 16 September 2016

No Time For Decisions

My head is still whizzing, I'm honestly so sad. I've now told myself to deal with the fact that nothing will come of this pregnancy and to stop looking. It's easier to get on with life and except that this time there will be no babies at Blanik. Steve wants me to think positive that the two may make it to full term, but from what I was told and what I saw then I can't see that happening. Anyway all I need to do is keep an eye on Sammi over the next 10 days and I'll have some idea by the time we go for the next scan ... so there I go already contradicting myself.
Sammi is my priority, she's just so special to me. Her health and welfare is paramount. She to type is what I want to see being the future here. I love everything about her, well almost. Last night I wasn't best pleased with her choice of Fox perfume! She's absolutely fine again this morning, has eaten all her breakfast and has been giving the cats a hard time. But what happens now? If these puppies are now not viable and disappear this week will Sammi's body continue to think it's pregnant or will things just stop at a certain stage? Also looking back I have been commenting to Steve that Sammi hasn't left her "bits" alone since she was in season; and as I look further into absorption/miscarriage/abortion I come across this ... "Fastidious bitches may actually eat any placental or fetal tissues that they expel as part of their normal hygienic activities, especially if the abortion happens early in their pregnancy when those tissues are undifferentiated. This can make early abortions extremely difficult for owners to detect." So reading this along with the early discharge I'm now more convinced than ever that she has lost early embryos.
There seem to be many reasons for the absorptions happening, from hormone imbalance, canine herpes virus, bacterial infections etc etc  So I guess a lot of research and a trip to the vet is necessary before we consider mating Sammi again. I guess I should wait for the next scan and I may even take her to the vets towards the end of this "pregnancy."


Lin said...

It's such a shame but as you say as long as Sammi is ok then there's plenty of time to think about what happens next. xx

Ian Turner said...

yes sammi is no 1 priority jusd glad she is ok if every thing is ok with sammi there is always next time xxxx