Friday, 23 September 2016


Sammi is well, really well. She's not quite and subdued as they sometimes are after a season. She's eating well and full of fun and energy, though there's not the usual madness with Loki on a walk. To me she still appears to be pregnant, or her body seems to be carrying on with the pregnancy, if you know what I mean. The only thing that I would expect to see by now is more abdominal enlargement, but then I've never had a bitch which may only be carrying 2 puppies before .. the smallest litter here to date has been Seffe's 5, and she was late showing!
Maybe the 2 little ones are still there? Maybe it's just hormones? I just have no idea. When she was scanned there was 2 embryos clearly seen, but they were not developed enough for 5 weeks and it was presumed that Sammi was reabsorbing those too, which by now she may well have done. Due to her hormone levels her body may still think she is pregnant, alternatively, they could still be there. I've never been in this position before, I just haven't a clue, so the next scan will shows us what to prepare for.
Like this post my head is going round in circles ... One minute I think she's pregnant and there's hope, the next I come to the conclusion that there is nothing there. At this time of the morning she sure does look streamlined and apart from her undercarriage she looks no more pregnant than anyone else here. But in the evening she looks different, a little fuller and deeper. Again could that simply be hormonal or are they there and moving? Don't worry it's just a rhetorical question, and for my own sanity it's best I try and believe there is nothing there. I guess till Monday I can muse it over all I like but I simply won't know!


Lin said...

Monday can't come quick enough xx

Ian Turner said...

either way you will finde out properly on Monday I'm crossing my fingers for deserve some luck

velvetpr said...


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