Tuesday, 27 September 2016

All Change Again Then

So it looks like the search for the sable male will have to be put on hold again now. Concentrating on Sammi and Pixie and Dixie is the best way forward. Let's see what comes into the world and take it from there.
Jimmy has already been partly evicted from the kitchen, I'm still feeding him in there but he's sleeping with the others now. Only problem is he gets up early and starts playing about, which winds up Tali and she starts to make a noise. I wake up and lie there thinking, does she need to go out, or not? I end up getting up and letting her out, just incase! Feeding Jimmy with the others may be a nightmare, he's just so greedy! The other concern is that as he's as bright as a button is he going to work out the cat flap? He's really too young to come and go as he pleases at the moment, especially at night. It took Junior a fair while, but they are very different personalities, Junior is far more, err .. how can I say it nicely ... laid back! (Steve has always maintained that he's not a full shilling!) Anyway come what may, we need the kitchen completely vacated for Sammi and her hopefuls in just about 18 days.
Sammi's shape is altering daily. She now has noticeable boobs under her huge feathering! Bless her. I've talked to a couple of people who have experience in breeding and they have both told me the same thing. "Do not increase her food as you would normally with a pregnant bitch!" The reason being, if possible we do not want Pixie and Dixie growing too big for a natural birth. I take that on board, yeah makes sense to only increase the food after the have arrived! The other bit of advice is of course ... keep her fit, keep her walking. No problem there, that's normality here other than it's bloody raining again today!

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Lin said...

Don't think it will take Jimmy long to suss anything out lol, at least Sammi gets good excersie so no problems there x