Sunday, 11 September 2016

29 to 30 days

"Male and Female sexual characteristics show and the eyelids close. Those puppies that are born with no eyes at all under the closed eyelids had some sort of mishap at the time."
Sammi and Loki looking similar in expression and out with Asha yesterday.
Sammi had a slightly stringy opaque discharge yesterday. Not sure what that means this early on as it's usually only a classic sign of pregnancy from further on in the pregnancy. Of course she could be a couple of days further on than day 29 today as her levels from one test to the other did more than double. We expected 8.8 and the result was 11.4 so ovulation (16) could have been a day earlier than originally predicted. Still this discharge is very early, a week before you would usually expect to see it. But Sammi is fine, slim and trim and eating some meals and not others. 
Anyway the wait to find out will soon be over as for the first time ever I've booked a bitch in for a scan. I've always been wary but having been twice with Nico's wives I now don't see it as a problem. I still would not take her to the vets for the scan, with poorly animals in and out through the door, why risk that? We will be going to a professional "Pet Pregnancy Scanner." You go to the house or she comes here, we intend to go there as whatever the result Sammi loves a trip out and a good nosy around someone's house!!!

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Lin said...

Have to agree Sammi was full of herself on the walk and can't wait to know her news :) x