Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Plan B

Sammi and Stella - Feb 2014
Sadly Plan B is now cancelled. I will have to wait and see what happens with Sammi before rethinking. If she safely produces a bitch, then she will be staying. I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but whether L/C or not, she will be staying. Steve would be delighted to get a fluffy girl .. but if that did happen, of course he would have to do the brushing! If Pixie and Dixie are both boys, then of course one will be staying! How can I bring a litter into the world and not keep one? It would kill me to bring up a litter and then have to let them go. To me that would be pointless.
If I did end up keeping a male then I would have to cancel plans to have my sable boy, or delay it by a few years at least! Of course my preference would be a S/C bitch, for life here and showing it's the logical choice and then the door would be open for that sable to join us over the next 12 months.
God after all the uncertainty there isn't much time to get my head around all of this now is there ... hopefully they will be here, a few days old and settled in 3 weeks time!


carrie said...

Oho, a l/c girl for Steve. Would u then mate her with a s/c? Anyway, not long now to wait ~ exciting or what

Tali said...

Health test provided, Without doubt, but a S/C would be my preference

Lin said...

I hope for you that you get your S/C girl but if she's a L/C then yes I'm smiling again !!!!!! not long to wait now Rhian and hope you get your wish x