Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Sable Colour

I've never had a sable GSD, and have had my heart set on a sable male for a while now. To produce sable one parent must be a sable. (Though some non standard colour crosses to white do occasionally produce them) I had tried to find a suitable sable male for Sammi, but there was nothing out there really that was compatible. The plan was then that I would have one for my 50th birthday in 2018, but with recent events I've decided I'm not waiting that long and I'm looking now. It may take me months to find him. but I will!
People often confuse sable with a faded black and tan, some think Asha and Tali are sable but they are not they are faded black and tan. i.e the black saddle is no longer solid, the tan has spread into the black. A sable puppy and a black & tan are very different looking and you could never mistake one for the other.
A beautiful sable pup
Sammi around the same age. 
All my puppies are this colour, with varying degrees of strength of the tan. The adult colour of a GSD simply can not be determined until they are about three years old, and I find my fading bitches continue to fade through adulthood. 
Sammi and Loki both have their full saddles 
(as does Nico and Ziva) 
Tali (pictured) and Asha are very faded but with different shades of tan 
and Jezi is slightly faded.
"Aria" - a beautiful young sable female 
(Shame about the mud!)


Ian Turner said...

SPOIELT haha. cant wait till you get one

Lin said...

Same as Ian can't wait x