Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tali Vets Appointment!

No Tali don't go in there, we have a vets appointment in 20 mins
Tali ... TAli .... TALI
"Feck off!" 


Tali, Tali come on - 15 mins - we need to go!
 "Feck off!"
 Oh well we are late now anyway so one posing pic before we go! 
"I HATE doggy doctor she squished my belly so I grumbled at her - but Aunty Shaz gave me cuddles and a new duck which I squeaked all the way home in the van!"
Again the same conclusion, nothing seems to be wrong with Tali, so we treat as before for IBS. A longer course of antibiotics and a Vitamin B12 injection along with careful management of what she eats ... err yeah! Easier said than done!!!!


Lin said...

Glad Tali is ok apart from her usual and good luck watching what she eats as Tali would say Feck off!!!!!!!

Ian Turner said...

I am happy for you that tali is ok it must be a relief for you after what your been through .looks a nice walk

Susie said...

If she's like her brother I'm guessing the next thing on her menu is the toy duck stuffing��Beautiful lady ❤️