Monday, 26 September 2016

Sammi's Secret

It's been a stressful 10 days, Sammi really has kept us guessing but Pixie and Dixie are doing OK. I'm really excited, but a little nervous as small litters scare me.
Now you're going to think I'm going nutty but for the last few days I've known they were there, I've known they were still developing. Though I have told a couple of people I was just too scared to put it in print.
As we walked in Cwm Dulyn on Tuesday I noticed a slight change in her outline, only something a doting owner could see, but that I am and I saw it. But how could I tell if there was a difference over a few days or not? Then Mikey and his lump came to mind, I would measure her waist. I didn't dare tell Steve, he'd have had me locked up!!!! I decided to measure her and Asha, surprisingly they were both 29".  (Asha's diet is going well) it was my intention to leave her till Sunday to measure again but on Thursday I couldn't help myself ..OMG - 30", and Sunday 31". There was still the doubt in my mind that her body could just be caring on with an empty pregnancy, but if that was the case why was her belly growing so quickly?
On Friday  as Sammi was sleeping on the sofa I was resting my hand on her side .. as you do ... and I felt something there. I felt it, I knew I did but because of the situation I still doubted myself,  but logically it couldn't have been anything else!
So definitely 2, but there is a possibility of more and those 2 took some finding! We also did see another dark patch, but it seemed empty, possibly just fluid? Having seen Milli when she was 7 weeks pregnant and carrying 2, Sammi is looking a lot more pregnant at 6 week. But of course she could be like her mum who was that huge she looked like she was caring 12 but only had 6 and masses of fluid.
My heart is set on a bitch, and despite coat if there is one I will keep her. But if they are boys then I will keep one too - providing one is a S/C. I bring puppies into the world for me to have one, and if these arrive safely then one of them is mine! I can't confirm to anyone that I have a puppy for them now. I have a S/C bitch booked, A L/C dog booked and 2 S/C dogs booked .. it's highly unlikely there will be that many puppies and until they are born and grow coat I simply won't know.
So how easy all the plans change eh .... 3 weeks to go!


Ian Turner said...

omg rhian I'm so happy for you YAHOOO .maybe you can sleep better now

Lin said...

I'm over the moon for you and yes I'm still smiling x

carrie said...

Fantastic.Have emailed u ~ an yes, hope u get some rest tonight Cxx