Friday, 26 April 2019

Think Dog

Sometimes I'm shocked at the mistakes people make with their dogs. Sometimes we all humanise them too much or expect too much from them. In dealing with problems we really should think dog not human. Don't get me wrong I often make dreadful mistakes, but at the moment every night I'm stopping myself from making a mistake. Loki's behaviour in an evening is totally unacceptable and what I really want to do is loose it with him, but I know it would be totally the wrong thing to do, it will only escalate the situation and I have to try hard to remain calm. I have to admit Ross doesn't help and seems to find it amusing to follow him around and wind him up. Am I humanising?  What is Ross really up too then?  Is it a subtle power game?
Anyway it's been almost a week since I stopped messing about with his food, it was back to eat it or loose it. Today he's eaten the first breakfast of plain dog food in weeks. I will never give him supper again, it really did put us back so much and with him looking so good I didn't want him to loose condition before the shows, so yes I played the game. Anyway after WPBW I though f**k you mate ... I'm not pandering to you any more .. Think Dog
Great photo of Ross this morning with his collection of Chuckit balls. I think I'll see if they want a model at Chuckit?

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Lin said...

Not playing the game worked maybe now he'll eat normally, are you starting a collection Ross😁 x