Saturday, 13 April 2019

Names Again

Maybe I'm being pedantic again but it's something I feel strongly about. When I give an animal a name it should only be me that has the right to change it or shorten it. Other may follow suit, but only with my chosen name change. It's mildly offensive, OK maybe annoying is a better word, if someone else comes out and calls my animal by a different name .. for instance as everyone know and the worse case scenario, Sam .. it's Sammi, or if you like Sammi B or Sammi Belle .. NEVER Sam! I don't have a problem at all with some shortened names, some come naturally .. Ziva is often Zee, Asha is Ash or even Bash and Jezi is often Jez, but never Jessie or Jess! But when Steve wanted to call Sammi by the name it was the only rule .. she would always be Sammi and not Sam. I saw far too many Sam's at Freshfields ... and the one that comes to mind first was a rather unpleasant chap!
The posts about our loss on Facebook have been lovely. 162 people took the time and effort to write a message of condolence. I've read every single one and sobbed buckets in doing so; but his name was Oliver, not Ollie, never ever did I call him Ollie and being honest it grates on me to read it. Ol? Yes I did call him Ol when I chatted to him .. but never ever Ollie, so why would so many call him that in the post?
Actually Ollie is a name I quite like, a name I would have consider using on a dog in the future, but now I'm not sure I can? As I've said before with multiple animals it really is hard to get the right names so as not to confuse the individual animals .. and the aging humans!!!


Lin said...

it must be so annoying when they are called by the wrong names and with you on that x

carrie said...

Quite right too, and Oliver suited him perfectly. It used to infuriate me when people spelled Tipzee's name like Tipsy. Her name was compiled from parts of her grandparents names. I once knew a dog called Ginty ~ after years the owners told me it was short for Gin and Tonic ~ ugh. We just never know but it's not too much to hope your friends stick to your given name:~} Most of our dogs were named for familymembers, Gryff was Glyn's middle name, Yanto, his father [Ianto] Carla,my mum,Lunar an old boyfriends boat, and so on. I particularly liked your Sexy Dexi, and Jay! Oh yes and Krizzie [might have spelled that wrong] Don't think Louis should have been little Louis, apart from his endearing quality of trying to sit on my lap at shows, with me perched on a chair, or me lying with him on grass one boiling hot day at show and you squirting us both with water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Judge looked quite surprised. sorry for the waffle, but I AGREE no changing names please.