Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Sleepless Night

Last night I went to bed feeling as tired as ever, but though the body was tired and the eyes could not stay open the brain would not switch off. So I lay there and I tossed and turned and my brain leaped and jumped from one place to another. The harder I tried to switch it off the worse it got, follow this if you can ...
Ross' coat, Ross' health test .. should I shouldn't I? The issues with Loki's character, at times I really think he needs to see a behaviorist. Never known a dog this odd, he's like 2 different dogs. Kaiah - Zalu what if the best ones are all L.C's? Kaiah x Sisco? - No my gut is with Zalu. Would my friend want one? If they come when do I ask her? Maybe she'll have one by then? What if Ian is away when Kaiah's in season? Oh and is he smoking again? I'll kill him. I'll ask him on the way to Builth ... Can Lin get to Builth? Will I remember to get the Easter Eggs? Should I get one for Mother too? Enzo ... Did I do the right thing? Dogs stolen from a show, worst nightmare! Awful, heartbreaking. Would I steal a neglected animal? Would I pull down the nets that are killing birds?
My Brother will be a grandfather this week, shit! But should he be in this position? I do like Sean, very much. Three cats died in just a few month. I was so lucky that Perry fell in my lap. Luther? .. should I look for him or wait for him to fall in my lap too. Should he come at all? I need a new van, my laptop is dying .. Oh god I want a sable bitch puppy .. but not really a hairy one .. but I'd love a sable hairy boy. .. keep 2 divorce!
Well that's just some of the madness, I eventually got up and chatted on Facebook with others who could not find sleep ..only to find sarcasm thrown our way this morning .. anyway  maybe I managed a few hours on my return to my pitt, maybe tonight I'll sleep!


carrie said...

B ell Rhian and I thought I had a lot going on in my brain ~ Tasha woke me at 5am to go out in garden, still dark but v pleasant out there! Really wanted more sleep though [defrosting freezer yesterday exhausting] so went back to bed. Tasha decided she too would like a little more sleep so up she got ~ fine. I then made mistake of thinking bout my sister who has an appointment later today to see a consultant, privately, NHS wait too long. If she needs treatment under gen.anaesthetic my niece told me they will refuse the suggestion. Sister has recently had v bad side effects from both anti~depressants, and blood thinners ~ what she asked for low dose antibiotics, refused. Seems easier to keep her drugged up than trying to stop her getting repeated infection? My new approach to arthritis, a tiny improvement. Why has it taken me so long to realise WE ARE WHAT WE EAT? Always knew it but somehow decided I needed the things I really like too!!! Read in current book, Live each day as if its your last, cos one day it will be. Bizarley really made me laugh, I often do that anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Large holly bush in corner needs drastic pruning ~ [today?} need shop today to restock freezer ~ shall I try and reseed bare patches in grass, or a waste of time ~ must send off two small parcels today, get there before Easter ~ will I be able to do any of this if pain too much today. 7.15AM TASHA GOT OFF BED, WENT TO DOOR AND BARKED to go out. Knackered.

Next time you can't sleep have a wander round outside, after ten minutes, you will long to be back in bed.Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lin said...

All I can say is no wonder you couldn't bloody sleep , trouble is that when you start thinking about one thing it just escalates to just about everything going round and round x

ian turner said...

maybe you should start drinking a few bottles of wine before going to bed its better than any sleeping tablet haha and the answer is no i have been a good boy