Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Night Thoughts And Judging

Again a sleepless night, this time I stayed in bed, or on it as I was uncomfortably hot. I was so knackered but just couldn't sleep, this morning I'm more knackered but need to function for half the day at least. I thought about the last two shows and such contradiction in the judging, especially for Kaiah. To be last in WPBW and then third in a good class at WELKS makes you wonder what some judges do see. Neither of the bitches that beat her at WPBW have ever beaten her before and both where behind her again at WELKS .. actually the first bitch from WPBW was 6th at WELKS.
Then there's Ross, why is he almost always over looked? What did he do to justify his place on Saturday? A lot of the ringside judges disagreed, and from the messages I've received since so did a lot of people, including his breeder who is as straight as the come and would tell me if she thought he deserved the class position.
Anyway I have two photos that show me all I need to see. So whether I come home elated after a win or deflated after a loss one thing is for sure I wouldn't swap for anything that was in the ring with them on those days. I really do prefer what I've got. All I can hope is, however they are placed that I have an honest judges opinion of them on the day.

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Lin said...

Can't believe Ross was last he's stunning and looked the part on the day