Monday, 8 April 2019

Zalu Causes Controversy

At Bolton GSD Championship Show this weekend Zalu won the dog CC and Best Of Breed. And? I heard you ask. Well the "and" is that Zalu is a long coat, the first L/C male to win a CC in the UK. The judge said that "Some decisions were extremely difficult, but I wouldn't change them!" Well in my opinion that's all that can be asked of a judge isn't it. One stalwart of the breed writes - "I'm not a long- coat fan and can understand the financial reasons for inclusion in normal coat shows. But there it should stop! I've never heard a judge apologise for giving a dog top honours in my 50 years of involvement in this breed. In most peoples opinion a long coat is still a genetic fault, giving them their own shows is the only sensible answer."
My opinion on L/C have been well documented over the years and really to be honest they haven't changed much. As beautiful as they are I can't see how a dog with an excessive amount of coat can ever be a practical working dog .. and at the end of the day a GSD is a working dog. But the KC have moved the goal post and now both coat varieties as considered acceptable, therefore an honest judge who follows the blue print of the breed will put the best dog forward despite their personal opinion on whether a L.C is a genetic fault .. or not!
The breed standard reads ..
Two separate varieties of coat.
Outer coat consisting of straight, hard, close-lying hair as dense as possible; thick undercoat. Hair on head, ears, front of legs, paws and toes short; on neck, longer and thicker; in some males forming slight ruff. Hair longer on back of legs as far down as pasterns and hocks, forming fairly thick trousers on hindquarters. Mole-type coats are undesirable.
In long coats, outer coat longer, not always straight and frequently not lying close and flat to the body. Thick undercoat. Coat distinctly longer inside and behind the ears, forming moderate tufts. Longer hair on the back of the forelegs, through to the loins, and dense feathering on the hindlegs. Tail bushy with light feathering underneath

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Lin said...

Well done Zalu you really are stunning, but have to agree with you Rhian as much as I love my long coats they would be no good for working I've said it before they should have their own shows x