Thursday, 25 April 2019

Thoughts Before Welks

The forecast for Saturday is dire, I don't mind driving in the rain but gale forced wins are forecast too. It's a long journey that we usually do several times a year, usually a pleasant one though through rural Wales and East to Malvern in Worcester, but the forecast for this show is a little like deja vu for 12 months ago.
Now to be honest I'm wondering if I want to go at all? I've entered under the judge before, years ago and all four that I took were last, including Nico just months after his Crufts win. OK a different generation of dogs but still the same line as Kaiah. I can't get enthusiastic about it and my memory of being so defeated that day has come back to haunt me, the weather forecast has added insult to injury I guess.
Here's hoping tomorrow I can get some enthusiasm together eh ...

1 comment:

Lin said...

What a dilemma but good luck if you decide to go xx.