Saturday, 1 July 2017

British Summer Time

Now I hate hot weather. I can't see any pleasure in being uncomfortably hot in blazing sunshine, it makes me lethargic and irritable as well as gives me a rash. (prickly heat) I can't sleep in it, I can't go out in it, I simply can't function. I can't carry on with normal life as it's too hot for the dogs and they too really suffer in the heat. But I do like a pleasant dry Summer!
For the last 48 hrs it has rained and rained and rained. We've been in thick mist and it's been bloody breezy. Caernarfon was no better just no mist there .. but I heard last night that Porthmadog was dry all day yesterday. Wish I'd known during the day as it's not too far to pile the youngsters in and go walking there. Instead we had a stressful day with exuberant youngsters throwing themselves around the house and some of us getting very irritable about it. But it couldn't be helped, they were full of energy and really not up for a PJ day!
I found myself doing stuff to try and entertain them, no not just her, them! We emptied the toy box and sorted stuff into 3 piles. Stuff for the bin, stuff for the rescue dogs at Freshfields and stuff to hang on to. They were absolutely crazy and all of a sudden they wanted everything, they wanted stuff they hadn't played with in years, everybody wanted everything. I must admit it was quite amusing and did keep us entertained for a bit, and yes there's now a bag of stuff to go to Freshfields.
I know there is a lot of worry and talk about rawhide chews, but I do continue to use them. The dogs are never left alone with rawhide, but yesterday at least it kept Kaiah occupied for a while. I make sure the chews are big enough and when they get too small and to the size that they could be swallowed we bin them.
This morning it's a bright morning, the sun is shining and it's warm, not hot! It's forecast for more rain again later but this morning it's ideal walking weather ... see you later!

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Lin said...

yes weather been awful but dry today though overcast, it's bad enough with Lexi when she can't get out and I've only got one !!!!!!!