Friday, 7 July 2017

Proud Of The Boy

Now everyone who knows me knows I don't do kids, in fact I'll be honest I usually dislike most of them. They make me feel uncomfortable and usually I find them annoying. But when a child shows great interest in dogs, particularly the breed I will do anything I can to help and encourage them and put them on the right track for the future! 
So this is Loki having a go at Junior Handling with Leonie. The first attempt for both of them together, and they did so well. Leonie is keen and has been trying to learn at home, without a GSD how to stand the breed. Lots of tweaking needed but she's already on the right track. I was very proud of my boy who was so patient and couldn't have done a better job for her. Someone said GSD's respond well to kids handling them, well I'll be honest, my others would have had her on her arse in their desperation to get back to me. Loki watched me like a hawk, but mostly did all that was expected of him. 
Oh and if you're looking at the time, yes it is 2.50am, I've given up on the idea of sleep and I'm writing this, eating Jaffa Cakes and drinking tea.
 I fear it may not be a good day!

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Lin said...

Leonie did so well with Loki and he was such a good boy and so patient with her, just a super dog for her to train on and yes she did a good job x