Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sable Update

This morning I've chatted to the breeder in Suffolk with the 2 sable pups. They are doing well and she says that though her eye is initially caught by the dark one, the lighter one is also looking promising for his age. Like me she does not look for testicles until they are over 6 weeks, so by the end of the week we should have an idea of what's what. I've told her that if both look pretty even then I would be influenced by coat and colour .. we know too well with Asha being plain of colour that a bit of glamour always helps in the show ring.
The pups registration has been applied for, the KC can take 10 to 14 days to get them online though. Unlike sable No 2 I have no name for this puppy, he was going to be Raff .. meaning Red Wolf. The meaning just suited that puppy so much, somehow I can't see me using the same name! Maybe I'll wait to see what the accepted registered name of my prospective puppy is before thinking further about it. I guess by the time they are through I'll know for sure if I'm having one, or not!
Sadly there are no further photos, and I didn't ask again as I don't want to make a nuisance of myself. Getting to see what they look like would mean a lot, I guess we were spoiled by Katrina's weekly updates of the other guys. But we have to accept that people have busy lives and though it's strange to me we have to accept that not everyone takes photos of their dogs. I know a couple of you are jumping at the bit for photos, but I'm sure you understand that no one wants to see them more than I do. To quote my lovely hero ... Patience! You'll all no doubt be bombarded with photos if he does join the fold!
Anyway a photo of a special little guy that I met yesterday .. If I can't get a sable boy then I may as well get myself a little Frechie. Adorable breed!


Lin said...

Think it's a good idea to walk kaiah with Asha and Loki and maybe Kaiah will focus on Loki again, you can only try until she settles or has another playmate in a while x

Lin said...

don't know how this has gone on this page !!!!!! but everythings crossed that all goes well this time for your pup x