Monday, 10 July 2017

Anyone Want This Puppy?

Kaiah has pushed things just a little too far today, of course I would never rehome her, but this needs sorting. She, like the others give me very little cause for complaint. Apart from being beautiful in my eye, Kaiah has the sweetest most affectionate nature, she's very obedient, bubbly and happy and loves the world. But no puppy/dog is perfect and Kaiah's probably the noisiest dog I've ever owned. As noisy as the others can be at shows, at home if they bark there is always a reason.. Kaiah is so bright and anticipates my next move with her screaming, so much she has been christened Shouting Sheila! Again I can live with that.
But what I can't live with and what I don't know how to deal with is the way she is with her mother on a walk or in the fields. All those lovely photos of her lying or sitting nicely are her waiting in anticipation to pounce on Sammi. She's now in season which could be affecting things because the last 2 days it's got really out of hand to the point that poor Sammi has got hurt 2 days in a row and today came home herself. I think she was partly upset at being hurt but partly upset by my constant shouting. Kaiah's nature is so that she takes nothing seriously and I honestly feel she's laughing at me. My fear is that Sammi looses the plot and decides she's taking it no more, and that could be a blood bath! I honestly feel at my wits end today and unless I can sort it I feel I can no longer walk them together.
Sammi had to cope with this with a young Loki too, but it was easier for me to stop him than it is to stop Kaiah, and by now he's grown out of it. But 2 bitches spatting like this is not safe ground, especially when the daughter refuses to back down. I know at the moment there's no malice in it, just stupid excitement, but I don't know how to stop her without putting her on the lead or trying a muzzle on her too. Maybe I'll try walking Asha with Loki and Kaiah, and taking the other three bitches together, but maybe take Loki on that walk too. Such a shame as the three young ones use to have so much fun together. I'm hoping having a puppy here will help Kaiah, give her the friendship Sammi has with Loki .. but of course it would take a few months for any puppy to be ready to do the walks Kaiah now needs. Whatever happens, however we deal with it for everyone's safety things have to change.

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