Thursday, 13 July 2017

Kaiah's Nine Month Weigh-In

This will probably be her last as her weight has now been static for the last 3 months. So yeah 26kg and now close on 60cms at the wither. I'm happy with that!
Whilst at the vets I also weighed Sammi and Loki. Sammi was 30.3Kg and Loki 39kg Sammi looks spot on, but to be honest Loki could do with a Kg or two on him, I guess I'll have to wait for him to get his coat back and for Kaiah's season to be over to see any improvement.
Between drontal for everyone and pills for Tali it was quite an expensive day. Lots of people are now turning to more natural methods or worming and de-fleaing their dogs. I agree, but will have to wait for more evidence that they work. If you have cats that are killing then they are permanently re-infesting themselves .. and once they have worms, then so do the dogs. One thing I will not do though is give my animals Advocate/Stronghold or any of the other products as monthly preventative. Why put chemicals into their bodies for no reason. Two maybe three times a year is plenty, especially when you consider that these products are not effective against tapeworm .. hence the need to also use drontal or panacure. Though vets deny it there's is also evidence that too much use of these products damages the immune system, they also cause a lot of dogs to be itchy. But some Vets are also denying that there is a problem with their Lepto 4 vaccine, there the death of so many dogs following the vaccine speak for themselves! I have already checked, the puppies in Suffolk will be getting Lepto 2, and just incase I'm lucky enough to have one of these pups I've checked with the local vets and have found Lepto 2 in the area. And what all this crap about giving old dogs a booster .. OMG a dog hasn't had a booster here in 20 years, another money making scheme that damages our animals health. Not just my opinion .. if you don't believe me .. google!