Sunday, 9 July 2017

Every Dog Eh!

Well yesterday was our worst result at a local show this year. Even when I got there and saw the judge the penny should have dropped, but it didn't. It was only later that I remembered him putting a young Sammi last at Merionneth a few years ago, he seem to have the same opinion of her daughter yesterday too. He did seem to like Loki and after putting him second in a class of three he said he had "considered the young dog for first place, but he'll have his day!" Well he's had a few this year, that's why he has to be in that class with older males! LOL
Top photo of Kaiah looking super in the ring, though sadly I'm not happy with any of the photos taken of her later. They really don't do her justice and this morning I regret posting them on Facebook last night.
The middle photo is of the BOB winner in the center, Loki in the front with Ian and the last placed dog! 
One thing about yesterday that made it all easier was that I really like the dogs that won. So honestly I'm not sulking, I would only do that if the two that were last in their classes had beaten them. The best puppy in breed, Marco belongs to a friend and he's absolutely adorable. A super puppy from the Conbhairean kennel who should have a great future, well deserving win yesterday. 
Beautiful baby Marco BPIB and Puppy Group 1

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Lin said...

It was a lovely day but disappointing for the Blaniks but we know that they were the best even if the judge didn't what does he know !!!!!!!!