Friday, 30 June 2017

Puppy Update

The Sire - Larro Team Gaudi (Italian Import) 
Today I messaged the breeder of the 2 sables to confirm my interest in them. She said that the second had now been reserved but if all goes to plan for me they are happy to take the one that's left after we have picked our boy. Being a well respected kennel it's in my and her interest that the best one is the one seen in the show ring and because I can't get there till I pick him up I will be relying on her to a degree to pick the best one for me. Though sometimes the final decision can be a close one and come down to colour, coat, character or just personal preference. I do wish I could go and see them at 6 weeks, but it's just so bloody far and with my sciatica playing up I can only just make it to Caernarfon and back in the car. (The van is far more comfortable - but still a 5 hr journey with routes varying from 256 miles to 286 miles is currently a bit much)
I have little to go on, but from the photo the darker puppy with the black mask appeals to me the most. The breeder say that at the moment the darker one has a shorter muzzle and squarer head, and the other one is not as pigmented in the head. I guess that's why he appeals to me, I prefer a squarer darker head, like Dexi, Mikey and Louis rather than the longer muzzle of some of the other males I've had. Of course it is very early days and so much can change and she did say the lighter one had more length of body, which of course is something to consider. She says that they are both "lovely chaps, very friendly and outward going" ..
The breeder still want to keep her name on my pup for showing purpose, we've discussed it at length. She assures me that she would have no authority over the dog, he would be owned solely by me and she is happy to put that in writing. I think as we have both had bad experiences in the past that we need to do that, it safeguards everyone and no one can change their mind or go back on their word. Though I have known her for years it's only to say "Hi" too, so I have done a little digging with trusted mutual friends. Everyone seems to like and trust her and that helps me take the chance of doing something I said I'd never do again .. Never say never eh!
Anyway I doubt there will be many photos, but without being over bearing I may ask again next Tuesday when they will be 5 weeks old. I really hope this time it works out for me as now there really isn't another back up plan ... and lets not forget we need balls! lol


Lin said...

Everything seems ok especially as it's going to be in writing. Lets hope this time you're lucky after all your disappointment x

ian turner said...

dont blame you for being worried but everything looks ok for you im glad you got everything sorted and good luck with your little one .