Sunday, 2 July 2017


Yesterday I paid a visit to my lovely friend at Freshfields. I hadn't seen him in a while but I had no worries that all would be fine. I walked into the kennel block marked "Strictly Staff Only," well maybe I shouldn't have done, but I did. One of the staff in there was a close friend and was delighted to see me, the other grumbled about me being in there but I ignored him. I said excuse me I want to get to Scamp, he said .. "No, he may not remember you.." I pushed passed him and went into the kennel. How could he not remember me? We were best mates for years and I have kept up regular visits over the last 2+ years. I still Miss him so much, the welcome from him was so overwhelming that I cried on the way home. If Scamp loves you he loves you. The cuddles today where so emotional, he pushed his head into my cleavage and just cuddled into me and I just didn't want to let go!  I took the bag of toys with me, and let him pick out a few for himself before giving them to the grumpy staff member for the others.
Sadly Scamp is not homeable, in the wrong situation he really is a dangerous dog. His nervous aggression is overwhelming, he will bite first and ask the question later, and he hates strangers. I did think of bringing him home, but he isn't safe with cats either .. and Jamie wouldn't get that at all. Even if he was in a kennel here Jamie would just walk in!  The safety of my cats is paramount. Scamp is safe and cared for where he is and I must make more effort to go and see him more often!

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Lin said...

That's so lovely that he still wanted his cuddles from you x