Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tia At The Vets

Sadly Tia's embarrassing problem has returned. When it starts you can't help but think that this is not something she or we could live with and you start to consider your options. I rang the vet to talk about another course of medication, but she said as it was January when they last saw her I would need to take her in again.
It's remarkable how confident I am of my own abilities to hold a 35kg GSD for a vets examination, and how much of a coward I am with this 3kg cat. Being examined she shook her head, I jumped and the vet jumped, we laughed but we are both so aware of her unpredictability.
Twenty four hours later and there is again a remarkable difference, I can now uncover the bedding and utility worktop. Thank God none of the animals have access to the kitchen .. I can think of nothing worse than Tia "dripping" on the kitchen worktops!
This morning I stroked Tia on the head and asked her if she was better, she growled and walked off wittering under her breath! Miserable cow .. and I just spent a fortune on you at the vets!!!!
Whilst I was there I felt very uncomfortable about something I saw. A large silver van which I could see was packed with crates was parked outside. There where 3 Irish passengers and whilst I was there they took 2 older puppies in for vaccination. One A Border Collie and the other a Malinois. Nothing wrong with that I guess... but then I saw the amount of vaccination cards they picked up, there must have been 15. Suddenly it all came together in my mind and I couldn't help but feel very uncomfortable about it all ... hope I'm wrong!!!

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Lin said...

Glad Tia is back to her feisty self hope she stays well.